Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Prom Inspiration!

hi guysss,
Todays blog is on the perfect makeup ideas for prom. I know a lot of people both in the UK and the states have prom's coming up. Hopefully I can give you some looks to think about for that day. I had a request in for this from Sakhter one of my loyal followers. I am going to be using drugstore brands to achieve these looks so its very purse friendly. 

The Basics 

Firstly the perfect base is clean skin, cleanse, tone and moisturize. You can use a good face primer and foundation if you wish.

This is a technique to sculpt the face. For this I use a light foundation 2 shades lighter then my skin colour. At this stage it will look a little odd but don't worry as this will all be blended out at the end.  Start at the bridge of your nose, forehead and a little on your chin.

Im using a No.7's bronzer balls and a stippling brush in the same areas as the contour. Then apply blusher im using mua - cream blush in dolly shade. Then eyeshadow I used rimmel metallic stars in purple. 
mua black glitter eyeliner on the waterline and top. Then mascara


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